Complete Mobile Pet Washing, Dog Clipping and Grooming

Servicing Kew, Caulfield and the Melbourne Eastern Suburbs


We know how to take care of pets so that they’re happy, healthy and feeling great.


Maybe you want to prepare your dog for a dog show or another special event. Or maybe you just want a routine washing and grooming so your pet looks his or her best.

At Foxy’s Mobile Dog Washing & Grooming Service, we offer complete dog clipping and grooming services in Kew and neighboring areas. We enjoy pampering your pooch and giving him or her first-class treatment.

More than just dog washing


Through our mobile service, we come directly to your home to give your dog a gentle yet thorough wash. Because we groom your dog at your home rather than at a styling facility, your dog feels more comfortable and you save time and hassle.

We provide a variety of grooming services, depending on your pet’s needs. We offer hair cutting, skin treatments and even exotic styling.

We use a pet-friendly approach for each styling treatment, ensuring your pet feels relaxed and comfortable.

Grooming means more than just looking great


At Foxy’s, we know that grooming isn’t just about looks. It’s also important for your pet’s health.

With our mobile pet washing, clipping and grooming services in Caulfield and surrounding areas, we can also provide flea treatments and nail trimming. Our grooming services helps your pet feel great and keeps your pet’s fur and skin healthy. Grooming also prevents your pet from getting skin disorders and hairballs.

We use techniques and products that provide a thorough cleaning, but are also safe to use on the most sensitive pets.

We use the latest treatments and techniques


The grooming specialists at Foxy’s know how important your pet is to you. Your pet is your companion, your friend and even part of your family. That’s why we groom your pet with gentle, loving hands.

We can care for any type of dog, from tiny Chihuahuas to bulky English mastiffs. With our years of experience, your dog will come away looking and feeling great. We use the most modern methods and practices available, and we keep a careful eye out for new effective treatments.

Call us today for a free quote on mobile pet washing and grooming services in Caulfield on 0407 965 085.